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Florida woman holds hope that father missing in tornado devastation will be found

Ashleigh Hall already lost two loved ones in the tornado, but there has been no word of her father.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A Florida family is searching for a loved one who had been vacationing in Tennessee.

Ashleigh Hall has also lost two members of her family to the tornadoes last week in Kentucky and Tennessee. She's hoping her father may still be alive.

"My dad's body is nowhere to be found," Hall said. "There is not a trace."

Hall's father Jamie was on a hunting trip with his brother-in-law and nephew when their resort was hit by a tornado. The father and son were both killed in the disaster, but there is no word on Ashleigh's father.

"That is the most disheartening thing that I wouldn't be able to get closure if they really can't find my dad's body," Hall said.

Her brother went to Tennessee to assist in the search while the family waits in their Tallahassee home for any updates. Hall herself has called hospitals with a description of her father to no avail.

"Every night he would sing 'My Girl' by the Temptations," she remembered. "And I was listening to it earlier. I just want them to find my dad."

Hall says while she understands the odds are long, she is not ready to give up on her hope.

 "I know the odds look impossible but I feel like this will be a great miracle story one day," Hall said.

You can donate to the family's Go Fund Me account here.

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