Jacksonville's City Council met for its first full meeting since two members were indicted on Tuesday.

Katrina Brown and Reggie Brown were suspended by Gov. Rick Scott last week after they were charged with fraud and money laundering.

One thing that can easily be overlooked in all of this are the people. Katrina and Reggie represented Districts 8 and 10 respectively - and they've been there for years. Their constituents made it clear today that even though their council members are gone, the area's needs aren't.

In the public speaking portion of the meeting, constituents from districts eight and ten questioned what will happen to the efforts Katrina and Reggie had going on in their districts and telling the council of their areas' current issues.

The governor's office has already compiled a list of nearly two dozen applicants that include everyone from a JSO bailiff to the CEO of the Clara White Mission. It is still unclear when he will appoint replacements.

In the meantime, two council members have stepped up to take over their districts until those appointments are named - City Council President Anna Brosche and Councilman Samuel Newby.