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What You Should Know About Ovarian Cancer (FCL May 17)

Understanding the importance of Ovarian Cancer Awareness

World Ovarian Cancer Day signals a time when people unite to raise awareness about ovarian cancer and the importance of family health history in the fight against the disease. 

It's important to talk about an issue that impacts women and families everywhere; and to empower women to talk to their loved ones about shared medical history, ovarian cancer risks and genetic/tumor testing.

Dr. Thomas Herzog, MD, deputy director of the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute discusses importance of talking about family medical history when gathered together with relatives and explain genetic testing and its importance. 

Michael Loscalzo, LCSW, Professor and Director of Supportive Care and Population Science programs at City of Hope discusses how parents can navigate the intricacies and emotional burden associated with discussing hereditary cancer with family, including managing the guilt often associated with potentially passing a mutation to children and strategies to talk to children about their risk of developing cancer.