As co-founder of the acclaimed Improv Asylum in Boston, Norm Laviolette grew the fledgling theater from an unknown improv troupe to a multi-million-dollar business that entertains and trains people the world over. 

The nationally acclaimed professional improv and sketch comedy theatre produces high quality, professional improv comedy shows, but it also has an innovative corporate training program that, Norm says can "Train Your Head To Think On Its Feet". 

The program teaches the skills of improvisation; thinking quickly, immediately creating new ideas and communication effectively in a pressurized situation, to groups, teams and companies of all sizes.

Now, Laviolette has taken some of the principles behind his training programs and written a unique book to help people and organizations utilize new skill sets to be more productive, more accepting to create a stronger teammate and team. On May 16th, your viewers and listeners will enjoy hearing how The Art of Making Stuff Up can help anyone become a powerhouse.