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What You Can Expect with Telemedicine (FCL June 26)

A doctor shares what people and patients can expect with Telemedicine

Many practices are offering these services and its use is growing rapidly. In fact, WellMed’s MyHealthTeam telemedicine portal conducted 18 times as many online appointments in May 2020 compared with March. As of mid-June, WellMed clinicians have conducted nearly 100,000 telemedicine visits in 2020.

In a poll released May 2020, the Kaiser Family Foundation found that nearly half of Americans delayed medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic.# It’s critical that the 6 out of 10 adults+ in the United States with chronic conditions stay in communication with their doctors and don’t miss out on care. Of course, people concerned about COVID or other possible health issues also need to be in touch with their health team. Telemedicine can help.