Spending the day at the zoo is a good time for the whole family, but their upcoming event allows you to enjoy the zoo at night!

Alex Livingston spoke with Senior Mammal Keeper Janel Jankowski and Public Relations rep Morgan Purvis about what everyone can enjoy when it comes to Night at the Zoo.

Get a look at the zebra and learn some fun facts about them along the way.

The zebra foal weighed 100lbs at his neonatal exam. 

They are usually full grown around 2-3 years old and 750-850lbs. And Grevy's zebras are the most endangered species of zebras with 2500 individuals. They are easily distinguished from other species with skinnier stripes and much larger fluffier ears. 

The Zoo supports the Grevy's Zebra Trust as they work to conserve the endangered Grevy’s zebra within its existing range through monitoring, active protection, the aid of local communities and partnerships, both regional and international.