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Grace, slowing down can get 2021 off to a gentler start (FCL Jan. 21, 2021)

Sopha Rush encouraging families, no matter their pace in life, to choose simplicity, especially in the kitchen.

For families everywhere, 2020 was a year of endless lessons. Lessons in patience and endurance, creativity and resourcefulness. And, with everyone home all the time, it was also a year of finding new hobbies or investing in old ones.

 In observation of January’s National Slow Cooking Month, Crockpot commissioned a survey to find out whether people are taking the time to slow down or feeling inclined to pick up the pace during quarantine, especially heading into a new year. It found 71% of respondents said they use food and cooking as a way to connect with people, and 44% consider cooking one of their favorite hobbies. 

Sopha Rush—wife, mom, and founder of lifestyle blog Live Deeply Rooted shares advice for anyone who is tired of feeling like the have to hit a full sprint into the New Year.

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