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Jax Jams: Chelsey Michelle Music Performs New Song (FCL June 14)

The Chelsey Music Duo performs their new song "Fan Boy" ahead of it's release

Most people don't listen to strictly one genre of music and local singer and songwriter Chelsey Michelle doesn't fall under strictly one genre of music. 

Chelsey has a background in  in R&B, Soul, Funk, and Hip Hop. Her guitarist Chris "Underdog" Underdal, comes from Winston Salem, North Carolina. He is influenced by Blues, Rock, and Bluegrass.

So, when you combine this tag team to make The Chelsey Michelle Music Duo their sound is a fusion of funk, blues with a jazz flair.

Chelsey is originally from Miami, but moved to Jacksonville because it provided a lot more opportunity to perform live all around town.

They perform their newest song "Fan Boy" a head of its release.