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Ways to Navigate Pregnancy and Postpartum During COVID-19 (FCL May 25)

Lifestyle expert shares best practices for new and expecting moms

As governments, industries, and citizens world-wide adjust to a new normal, new and expectant mothers have also seen challenges in navigating pregnancy and postpartum in the COVID-19 era. 

For expectant mothers across the world, the pandemic has caused a huge spike in stress and anxiety, compounded by upended birth plans, altered family planning, and hospital safety concerns.

Experts have acknowledged that little is known about the impact of the virus on pregnant women. Major national health organizations advise that pregnant women take the same precautions as everyone else, including avoiding those who are sick, practicing social distancing, and washing your hands. 

But is there anything more expectant mothers should be doing to support their pregnancy? Lifestyle expert Jamie Hess shares some tips.