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How to Get a Celebrity Like Smile (FCL May 10)

A dentist shares how you can get a healthier smile

Everyone would love to have a Hollywood smile.

According to most dentists it starts with oral health. 

In a recent study of 2,000 Americans conducted by Pronamel in partnership with OnePoll, 67% found their teeth to be the most frequently worried about part of their appearance and results also revealed that oral health is one of the American population’s top priorities, but few understand the key role enamel plays in the overall health and wellness of teeth.

Everyday acids in your diet, like green juice, wine and salad dressing, can weaken tooth enamel over time making it susceptible to further damage. 

As enamel wears away, it exposes the dentin underneath, discoloring and dulling a healthy smile and leaving teeth susceptible to cavities and expensive dental treatments.

Celebrity Dentist, Dr. Daniel Naysan  discuss how to repair weakened enamel and protect teeth from future effects of acid erosion with tips when it comes to brushing and the right toothpaste to use.

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