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Car Safety Tips for Your Kids (FCL Sept. 25)

Keep these safety tips in mind this summer!

It’s been another very hot summer, and it’s not over yet. Tragically, every year, dozens of children die in vehicles across the United States from heat-related illnesses with 53 deaths recorded by National Highway Safety Administration in 2019 and over 20 so far in 2020. 

According to NHTSA, even when it’s as low as 57 degrees outside, when a vehicle is parked and not moving, the interior can reach a deadly 110 degrees in just a few minutes. If it’s warmer outside, the interior heats up even faster and can reach higher temperatures. Sadly, many of child hot car deaths involved a parent or caregiver who, after some change in their normal routine, simply forgot that a child was left unattended in the vehicle.