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Family speaks out after semi-truck crashes into Bennett's Ace Hardware

Co-owners Keith and Dennis Bennett were inside when the truck came crashing through. Both remain in the hospital.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A brother of two co-owners injured after a semi-truck ran into their store told First Coast News the family is worried as both brothers are still in the hospital in serious condition.

Five victims in total were hurt in the accident. Two of the victims were children. The truck driver was also injured. 

Co-owners Keith and Dennis Bennett were inside when the truck came crashing through. 

Bennett Ace Hardware opened in 1959 by Benita and Royce Bennett. They had seven sons, three of which co-own the store. Glen Bennett owns his own store next door. He says on the day of the accident His brothers Keith and Dennis Bennett were working.

“I did get to speak to one of them Keith as he was being loaded in the ambulance but he was unresponsive," Glen Bennett said. "But I did tell him that I was there, and I was praying for him. And I did get to see that his injuries were pretty extensive, and I was very very upset very saddened."

At this time, the condition of the children is unknown. The trucks driver's coworkers told First Coast News he has been released from the hospital. 

As for the two Bennetts, more recovery is expected.

“It’s my prayer and hope that both of my brothers along with the child that was hospitalized, recover quickly and can return back to a normal life, and I’m hoping that the business is rebuilt rapidly," Glen Bennett said. 

The truck is expected to be removed Thursday. They delay is due to concerns the roof could collapse once it's removed. 

The cause of the crash is still under investigation. 

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