CALLAHAN, Fla. - Family members are remembering a Nassau County mother-of-five killed in a motorcycle crash for her larger-than-life personality and her heart of gold.

“She always had a smile on her face,” Rachel Pennewell said of her younger sister, Shannon Bollinger. “She was the most energetic person I’ve ever met in my life.”

According to Florida Highway Patrol, Bollinger was riding on a motorcycle with her husband, Curtis, when they lost control on SR 200 near Callahan. Bollinger was then hit by a passing car and killed. Curtis Bollinger, a lieutenant with Nassau County Fire Rescue, was seriously injured.

Pennewell joked that many of her childhood memories with Bollinger, the youngest of five siblings, involved Bollinger getting into trouble.

She remembered one instance after church.

“And my mom said ‘Shannon! Why is it that I get compliments on your behavior everywhere that we go, but you can’t act that way at home?’” Pennewell said. “And without thinking, without taking a second to process, the first thing she spit out of her mouth was ‘Well, y’all have to love me, they don’t!’”

Bollinger was mischievous, Pennewell explained, but had a heart of gold, especially when it came to her five young children.

“Always at the ballparks. Always taking Peyton to cheer or dance,” Pennewell said. “She didn’t mind running around anywhere to do anything for those kids.”

For now, Pennewell and the rest of the family are focusing their attention on the children.

“To take care of them,” she said. “To make sure their needs are met. To keep their world as structured as we can. And just to be there to love and support them.”

Family members have set up a VyStar Credit Union donation account, all of which will be used to care for the children. To contribute, the bank recommends people call VyStar and request to donate to the family of Shannon Bollinger.