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'Somebody messed up somewhere': Family of Putnam County dog attack victim demands accountability; argues attack was preventable

Family of dog attack victim demands accountability weeks after the State Attorney's Office did not file charges against the owner of the dogs.

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. — The family of a Putnam County woman killed in an August dog attack is speaking out weeks after the State Attorney's Office did not file charges against the owner of the dogs. 

The family of the victim is seeking accountability and says they've written letters to Northeast Florida representatives demanding another investigation into the dog attack. They argue the attack was preventable and don't believe the findings of the original investigation.

"The best sister ever. She was the youngest of 14 children. She graduated from the University of Florida as a nutritional dietitian," Rock's sister Maria Rock-Risse said. 

Pamela Rock, 61, was attacked and killed in August by five dogs. She was delivering mail in Putnam County at the time of the attack.

"Her car had broken down, and she was waiting for AAA to come and help her," Rock-Risse said. 

An investigation by the State Attorney's office determined the dog's owner will not be charged. That’s because he tried to surrender his dogs to Putnam County Animal Control several times, including ten days before the attack. 

"They had to amputate her arm. They attacked her side of her face, her limbs, her lower limbs were attacked," Rock-Risse said. 

In at least one occasion, the report says the owner never heard back from the county. We reached out to Putnam County Animal Control after hours but did not immediately get a response. Rock's sister Maria Rock-Risse called the State Attorney's Office findings 'ludicrous'. 

"There are laws for this protection and nothing had been done," Rock-Risse said. "Somebody messed up somewhere. Still nothing has happened until you know somebody gets attacked severely and dies, and then they go ahead and euthanize the dogs well, a little too late."

Now, Rock-Risse says her family is working with local lawmakers with hopes of a different outcome. 

Rock's family says they are scheduled to meet with a local northeast Florida representative next week to discuss the attack and are open to talking to others.

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