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Face mask hacks for glasses wearers

Tips for those of you struggling with foggy lenses and sore ears.

MINNEAPOLIS — Whether you're a student or an employee, face masks can be uncomfortable after long hours of wear, especially with glasses on your face.

A quick internet search yields several popular hacks meant to reduce foggy lenses and ease tension from temples coexisting with elastic bands. We put some of them to the test.

  1. Buttons
    1. Glasses method: Use a toothpick or similar tool to guide a small rubber band through one button hole. Guide the same rubber band through a second hole directly next to the original hole. Repeat these two steps with a second button. Now slide the rubber band loops onto each temple of your glasses. You may adjust the tightness by pulling the other side of the rubber band. Put on the glasses. Hook the face mask's elastic bands onto each button.
    2. Mask method: Sew a button onto the middle of your mask about a centimeter below the top. Put the mask on first, pulling the fabric high enough for your glasses to partially cover the fabric. The bridge of your glasses should rest on the button.
  2. Tape
    1. Inside method: Place double-sided sticky tape on the bridge of your nose. Place face mask over the tape for a tight seal. Put on glasses.
    2. Outside method: Put on your mask then use masking tape to secure the top border. Put on glasses. This one proved to be the most effective method in our experiment.
  3. Tissue
    1. Fold a disposable tissue to create a horizontal strip. Place it on the bridge of your nose. Place the face mask over the tissue and put on your glasses.
  4. Soap
    1. Clean glasses daily with soap and water. The layer left behind is said to minimize fog.

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