Multiple agencies have responded to claims that authorities racially profiled and harassed a teen after pulling him over for a crime he didn't commit in Blackshear, Ga.

Seventeen-year-old Jaylen Carter sent First Coast News video of the incident that happened on March 8. Blackshear, Ga. police officer Joey Daniels and Pierce County Sheriff deputy Brad Kicklighter pulled Carter over. In the video, you can hear them tell Carter to roll his window down and get out of the car without any explanation, despite Carter asking why.

"Don't reach for nothing," one authority member said. "Get out of the g**damn car ... put your hands on the car, I'm not going to keep talking to you!"

"I was scared," he said. "I didn't know if he was going to shoot me or what."

Carter said he felt racially profiled and harassed.

"If you act like a criminal, we are going to treat you like a criminal," Kicklighter said.

"Do I look like a criminal though," Carter can be heard asking in the video.

Complainant video:

First Coast News obtained the body cam footage of the officer to see the officer's point of view.

"The officer couldn't see in the window and it was important for his safety to make sure that there was nobody else back there," said Blackshear Police's Chief of Police Chris Wright.

Wright said his officer had previously responded to a burglary call and they were told the person they were looking for was in a vehicle that matched Carter's.

"I didn't know what was going on," Carter said. "In the video, you clearly heard me ask 'why, what did I do wrong.'"

The officer didn't explain why he pulled Carter over until much later and eventually, he let Carter go.

First Coast News also reached out to the Pierce County Sheriff's Office about the incident. The Sheriff, Ramsey Bennett, said he doesn't condone the language his deputy used in the incident but stands by him.

"These two fellers on the side of the road had only seconds to respond and I think their decision making was good," Bennett said.

Carter and his father feel Carter had the right to know why he was being pulled over and they're speaking out in hopes it doesn't happen again.

"If we don't speak up as people, it's going to continue to go on," Carter said.