On the First Coast, there were several tornado warnings and a report of a tornado touching down in Clay County, but nothing compared to the devastation the panhandle saw this afternoon.

That's why some people came to Jacksonville for safety.

"It was only about a two-and-a-half hour drive, and I think most people were going south. This just seemed like the logical conclusion,” said evacuee Matt Kirshner.

As Hurricane Michael pushed through the panhandle, a couple of runners from Tallahassee were not letting the storm get in the way of their routine, as they ran up the Main Street bridge.

They're staying in an Airbnb in Jacksonville to stay safe.

"We live in a trailer,” said Kirshner. “We hope it doesn't get blown away Wizard of Oz style."

They said they're not sure when they're going to return home or what they’re going to return home to.