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Erosion in Vilano Beach threatens more homes

Meanwhile, the Florida Dept. of Transportation works to shore up the shoulder of A1A where a nor'easter has worn away the dune

VILANO BEACH, Fla. — The nor'easter that started over the weekend continued to pound the First Coast coastline Monday, especially in Vilano Beach.

Along A1A, also called Coastal Highway, there is a cut in this dune right along the road. A chunk of the dune is just gone, eroded away by waves beating the sand. 

It was a flurry of activity on Vilano Beach Monday.

The Florida Department of Transportation sent equipment in the morning to dump sand on the shoulders of Coastal Highway to build-up the barrier between the road and the ocean. Waves from this nor'easter have eroded away the dune – or what was left of the dune – after hurricanes Nicole and Ian blew them apart last fall.

Sara Pleasants, a spokesperson for FDOT, told First Coast News the highway is not damaged and that Monday's actions are proactive measures to stop erosion from getting worse. 

Meanwhile, this activity is right where that famous blue house is, the one standing on only its stilts with no access to it interior.  The house is another victim of erosion from hurricane Nicole.  And Monday, it was obvious the houses on either side of the blue one are dealing with erosion as well.

The driveway of the yellow house is intact, but it's uncomfortably close to eroding land.  And then the tan house has issues too. It’s porch and driveway are undermined.   Some of its garage is no longer sitting on sand.

The people at the yellow house politely declined an on-camera interview, saying they were busy saving their home.

A while later, as a dump truck put sand on the yellow house property that was later spread out, building up the yard around the house. 

Meanwhile, Pleasants said the DOT is weighing some long term solutions for an area where erosion continues to threaten the only road in and out of this island.

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