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Entire JEA board resigns after voting to fire CEO Aaron Zahn, citing his actions in proposed sale

Mayor Lenny Curry announced the board members' resignations, which are effective at the end of February.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Mayor Lenny Curry announced all six members of the JEA Board of Directors will leave their jobs at the end of February.

Just hours earlier, the board voted unanimously to fire CEO Aaron Zahn, for cause, citing misconduct during efforts to sell the utility. 

Chairwoman April Green resigned earlier Tuesday.

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Curry said in a statement, "I’ve talked to Fred Newbill, Camille Lee-Johnson, Dane Grey and Henry Brown and each informed me it is their desire to end their service with the JEA Board of Directors. I have asked all board members, including April Green who resigned earlier today, to continue to serve until the end of February, and all agreed. Kelly Flanagan will also continue her service until her term expires on February 28th."

Curry will work with the city council to identify and appoint a new board, he said.

The massive shake up in leadership stems from the proposed sale of JEA made back in 2012. There has been public outcry and internal criticism on how the process was handle. 

One major sticking point: a plan to pay employees bonuses if a sale went through, with considerable money going to executives who were pushing the sale. Zahn was put on administrative leave in mid-December after that issue surfaced.

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Zahn earned $2,000 a day while on leave and could have made $842,925 in a severance package if fired without cause. The board's decision to fire him with cause, reduced what he will make to $48,036.48, factoring that daily salary plus holiday pay.