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Wheel falls off Duval County school bus for a second time

School officials order bus inspections after second confirmed incident of wheel falling off school bus.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The wheels on the bus are not going round and round.

Duval County Public Schools is "investigating" after reports of two separate occasions where wheels fell off a school bus on the same route -- shown in two videos taken by the same student. 

No one was injured in either incident. 

DCPS is investigating with their bus contractor, Student Transportation of America, the statement says.

"In the meantime, we are incredibly grateful that all students remained safe and were able to be transported home by a back-up bus," Sonya Duke-Bolden, a representative for DCPS, said.

She credits the school bus driver for keeping an "extremely calm head amid a stressful situation," and getting the bus to safety.

"She is a great representative of the everyday heroes who serve in our schools and on our buses," Duke-Bolden said.

Just minutes after this statement was released, First Coast News received the second video filmed by the same student. While the original incident happened Monday, this new video appears to show a separate incident, filmed Wednesday, where a wheel is roiling down the street away from the school bus.

After the second incident, Duke-Bolden said that Student Transportation of America will check wheel attachments on all of the busses this evening. 

"We find this unacceptable," she said. "We will continue to hold the bus company accountable for ensuring incidents like these do not continue."

Both videos can be seen below.

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