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Doing the math: How much you could pay for Jaguars season tickets

Variable pricing puts a premium on certain games and reduces costs on games considered less valuable like preseason.
Credit: AP
The Jacksonville Jaguars mascot carries the flags of the United States and Great Britian ahead of an NFL football game between the Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars, at Wembley Stadium, Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019, in London. (AP Photo/Ian Walton)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Now that the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to be adding a second home game in London, many people are asking how much they will have to pay for season tickets.

One game has a big impact for ticket holders, businesses and sponsors.

The Jags said this week preseason tickets would be 50 percent off for two games and an average savings of 5 percent on the total package. It’s called variable pricing, meaning there is a premium placed on certain games and a reduction on games considered less valuable like the preseason. College teams and other major sports have used this model.

In general, the team says you could be saving 15 percent compared to 2019.

To help verify what you could be paying, Kevin Mierzwinski, a math instructor at Jacksonville University worked-out some of the equations.

So, for example, $864 for 2019 season tickets would now be $734.

But what about the people who work on game days? Turns out, if they made minimum wage ($8.46) and worked an eight-hour shift at each home game, they'd lose out on $67.68 gross pay.

For businesses that are open or jobs that rely on tips, the exact impact is uncertain.

The On Your Side team reached-out to several corporate partners of the team. None said the extra London game would impact their arrangement with the Jaguars.