JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The owner of dogs that killed several Murray Hill cats said one of her dogs will be put to sleep.

This comes after residents said more than a dozen cats have been killed by pit bulls in the neighborhood over a period of up to two years. The attacks came to light after around seven cats were killed last Friday.

Neighbors have not only seen the attacks firsthand, but they've captured them on video.

"They were just basically eating my cat," Elizabeth Breting said.

Elizabeth Breting of Murray Hill said it was Friday morning when she saw it: two pit bulls, one with her cat's chest in it's mouth, the other with her cats legs in its mouth. Her cat, which she'd picked up as a stray five years ago, was dead.

"I cried for about 24 hours. I miss my cat terribly," Breting said.

Breting went on the NextDoor social media site to warn neighbors.

"It's just a matter of time before they bite a person or a child and I'm very afraid to take my dog for a walk," she said.

That's when she heard similar stories and learned the scope of the attacks. One neighbor even mapped out the 17 spots around Murray Hill where it's believed cats have been killed.

One woman caught an attack on camera where two dogs are spotted running up to the porch before killing a cat.

Richard Adair found that killed cat. His cat too could have been next. He said the dogs punctured the screen of his porch to get at his.

"My cat hit the screen, took off around that side, the two dogs after them," Adair said.

After two vet visits, $450 dollars, and several puncture wounds in the belly, Adair's cat is still alive.

"He used up two or three of his nine lives Friday morning," he said.

A neighbor said animal control picked up the dogs responsible on Friday, but said one was returned home.

One the owners of the dogs said she sincerely apologizes to her neighbors and is asking for forgiveness.

Neighbors I spoke with just want to make sure the dog's owners keep their dogs from hurting animals or even people.

"I love dogs. I would not want to see a dog ever put down unless it was a danger to society. This is where I live. I own a home, I love my neighborhood, I want to be safe and I want everyone else to be safe in this neighborhood," Breting said.

A City of Jacksonville spokesperson said they cannot comment on an on-going animal control investigation into the incidents.