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Did Georgia's groundhog see his shadow?

Gen. Beauregard Lee came out of his burrow at Dauset Trails Nature Center in Jackson, Georgia to make a prediction Tuesday morning.

JACKSON, Ga. — Gen. Beauregard Lee came out of his burrow Tuesday morning to an odd site. The crowds weren't there to celebrate Groundhog Day. 

Due to the pandemic, the weather-predicting rodent had to check for his shadow during a private ceremony at Dauset Trails Nature Center in Jackson, Georgia.

So did he see his shadow? 

If you like warmer weather, good news. Gen. Beauregard Lee did not see his shadow and, according to the legend, we will get an early spring.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney Phil had to make his prediction during a major snowstorm that's hitting the entire Northeast. He did see his shadow, meaning we have a conflict! 

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Georgia's groundhog released this statement on social media: 

"Oh my whiskers and fur,
This year's been a blur!
Just moments ago I began to wake and to stir!

It's great to be a groundhog and do a groundhoggy thing,
Like tunnel and dig and live like a groundhoggy king!

Throughout the year I get such great correspondence,
But have no fear, no need for concern or despondence!

The most common of questions that is ever in question,
Shall be answered right now in this quick little session!

Many have asked how I take my hashbrown potatoes,
"Chunked" with ham or "diced" red tomatoes?

"Country" or "capped," "peppered" or "topped"?
"Covered" with cheese or "smothered" with onions all chopped?

For your interest in my taters, I'm certainly most flattered!
But I'm easy to please, I only take them scattered!

But enough with discussion of my Waffle House order!
Here's the news you came for, straight from the "Groundhog Recorder!"

We'll not have a welcome reprieve of winter's cold sting!
I did NOT see my shadow or other scary a-thing!


Yours Truly,


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