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Deputies find 'potential human body' at crime scene in Clay County where couple was tied up, sheriff says

The case began Monday when an elderly couple were found captive inside the house. At the time, the man suspected of holding them told police he had killed someone.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — (Note: The video above is from a previous related report.)

What began Monday night as a home invasion and false imprisonment case of an elderly couple continued to develop Friday.

Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook told reporters at a press conference Friday that human remains found on the property where the couple lives and was tied up inside their home. 

Aubrey Lumpkin, 46, the suspect in the case, allegedly held an elderly couple captive for more than two days after allegedly breaking into their home. The couple was rescued by deputies after Lumpkin called 911 and turned himself in. 

Deputies arrived at a home on County Road 315 in Green Cove Springs, where they found two victims bound by duct tape on their arms, legs and faces. The couple was extremely dehydrated, malnourished and suffering from infections, the report said.

Friday, the Clay County Sheriff's Office released the 911 call. Lumpkin told the dispatcher "I'm a piece of sh**. I need medical attention out here for this elderly couple. I'm turning myself in."

Cook said Lumpkin "made several statements about potentially burying somebody in a property next to the house" Monday as well. 

"Mr. Lumpkin made a lot of statements that night and we're taking every statement he made and running it down," Cook said.

Friday morning around 10:30, investigators found human remains on the property. 

Lumpkin had access to the neighboring property during the several days he allegedly held the elderly couple captive. Knowing this, investigators began to search the property, Cook said.

"We've uncovered what could potentially be human remains," she said. "I do not know how long those remains have been there, other than they have been there for a while." 

Cook said they haven't identified the remains yet. 

According to the couple's family members, Lumpkin used to live in a different home on the property with one of the couple's daughters. The family members said they haven't heard from the woman since she left the home two years ago. Officials haven't made any connections, though.

"We're still early in the excavation, but it is apparent that the remains have been there for a while," Cook said. 

"Detectives are working through this. What I would say is that if anybody has any information on the whereabouts of any family members, we would like for them to come forward and talk to us or if anybody has any information or was with Mr. Lumpkin in the last few weeks, or if he has ever made any statements to anybody about anything he has been involved in, that could potentially be related we really need those people to come forward so we can piece this story together,” Cook said.

The couple's granddaughter said she received texts from her grandmother's phone Sunday. Her grandmother told her from the hospital Friday the texts were sent by Lumpkin. Her grandmother said Lumpkin asked for her granddaughter's bank account information as well.

The granddaughter, who said she grew up in the home that was allegedly broken into, said both of her grandparents are still in the hospital. Her grandmother contracted a blood infection as a result of being tied up. Her grandfather is bruised and cut. She talked to her grandmother Thursday, and said she has never heard her sound so scared, telling her she thought they were going to die.

Cook said they're trying to determine Lumpkin's involvement, if any, regarding the remains, and don't know if anyone else is involved. 

"We've got to collect the evidence, go back to Lumpkin and try to work with him to complete the story," she said. 

Lumpkin had mentioned a co-defendant to deputies Monday, though it has not been confirmed whether or not Lumpkin acted alone in his alleged crimes. Cook said his claims are still being investigated. 

The granddaughter said her grandmother believes two people were involved in the home invasion, but said her eyes were duct taped closed, so she can't be sure.

Lumpkin is currently being held without bond. 

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