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'Deeply disturbing:' UNF offers statement after reported antisemitic incident at school

One of the occupants of the dorm is Jewish. She told her Rabbi about the incident who urged her to report it to UNF police.

(The video above is from a previous, unrelated report)

The University of North Florida has issued a statement following an antisemitic incident that was reported on campus last week

According to a report from UNF Police, officers responded to the Osprey Landing dorms Wednesday regarding a sticky note on a front door which contained a Swastika drawing.

A resident of the dorm told police that she discovered a piece of paper outside on the ground and "noticed a light rough sketch pencil drawing of what looked like a Swastika symbol," according to the police report.

One of the occupants of the dorm is Jewish, and reportedly told her Rabbi about the incident who urged her to report it to UNF police.

Two weeks prior, the Jewish student reported that her Jewish Mezuzah was found on the ground outside of her front door, the police report indicates.

She said she attaches her Mezuzah on the outside of the door frame with very strong contact tape and glue. She said the only way that her Mezuzah could have come off the door post or frame was by force. 

"This incident is deeply disturbing and goes against the core values of the University," said UNF in a statement. "UNF has clearly and consistently condemned symbols of hate, including swastikas, and other acts of bigotry. I want to reaffirm UNF’s commitment to civility and a respectful environment. The incident is currently under investigation by the University Police Department. If anyone has information relating to this incident, please contact the UPD at (904) 620-2800."

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