JACKSONVILLE, Fla — The proposed tax legislation that would help benefit Jacksonville's dilapidated schools was stymied by the Rules Committee Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning, the city's Finance Committee agreed to put the proposed tax on next year's ballot. The next steps were the Rules Committee then the Jacksonville City Council meeting next week. However, in the same afternoon, the Rules Committee voted to not advance the sales tax issue to the full city council. 

With the issue not voted to be placed on the city council's agenda for next Tuesday's meeting, it looks doubtful the city council will even bring up the proposed school's sales tax. It may be on pause until July when the new city council takes over. 

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Among the proposed improvements:

  • Safety and security upgrades at every traditional Duval County Public School.
  • Eliminate over $1 billion of backlogged maintenance caused by declining state funding and the impact of very old, deteriorating school buildings.
  • Consolidation of very small schools to increase resources for teaching and learning experiences and cut overhead.
  • Build new schools in areas where they are needed and remove as many portables as possible.
  • Provide all students with a learning environment that improves achievement and enables Duval’s students to compete academically now, and economically in the future.