JACKSONVILLE, Fl -- Josh Lambo finished the season last year 19 of 20 on field goals. That's a 95 percent success rate. That marks the best stats in a Jaguars' single season ever among kickers with at least 10 field goals.

And, sure, he has his eyes on a Super Bowl this season.

But he also has eyes on his new bride, Megan. They got married in Maui in June. Megan sent FCN some of their beautiful wedding pictures.

And for all of us curious about what the Jags players are really like, here are a few Q & A's for you.

How did they meet?

They met at a pool party BBQ in San Diego on a July 4th. "He insisted on carrying the paddle board," Megan recalls.

Josh chimes in, "I had to show off the muscles."

Ever since that first encounter, they dated.

How did he propose?

Josh says he got tired of saying, "Hey, this is my girlfriend, Megan" over and over again. He says their relationship had matured way beyond that.

"I already had a ring," he says. He tried to come up with an elaborate plan, but after a charity event, he took her up on a rooftop and proposed.

"So I said 'YES,'" Megan says.

Do they have kids?

Yes, two furry ones. One big. One little.

The smaller one is Lana, a rescue. Josh says some friends "came across a litter of nine puppies and a mom left on the side of the road under a tarp, actually pretty close to the stadium."

Megan remembers how sad it felt. "Yeah, it definitely breaks your heart," she says. The puppies were emaciated and "out in the cold and in the dirt."

They adopted Lana, their "princess," as they call her.

What does Josh remember about his career-high, 56-yard field goal against Cleveland last season?

Josh says, "After that kick, I was a little blacked out. I did some weird celebration that really caught on."

He adds, "It was a lot of validation for me. I think one of the reasons I got released from the Chargers was ... I missed my 50-plus yard kicks."

That 56-yarder for the Jags was huge. They beat Cleveland and kept marching towards the playoffs.