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SJSO: Car break-ins at shopping center along CR-210 could be 'Felony Lane Gang'

Three women in Saint John's County came back to their cars from a workout Monday morning and found their cars had been broken into, and their purses stolen.

Three women in Saint John's County found their cars were broken into and their purses stolen after they came back from a workout Monday morning.

It happened at the Orange Theory parking lot at the St. John's Creek Shopping Center on County Road 210.

People who go to work out in the early morning said the lights in the parking lot are not always working, and lights could be what stop thieves from breaking in.

Karrie Cheal told First Coast News over the phone she went to Orange Theory for her routine 6 a.m. workout.

"I left my phone and my purse in the car, covered it with a coat," she said. "I came out to one of the other members who said that their car was broken into and I thought, 'oh no that's horrible,' and then turned around to see my car had been broken into as well."

Her window was smashed and her purse was stolen, which had her cell phone, bank cards, ID, and medications inside.

The owner at Orange Theory said it's not the first time burglars have hit this area. Commander Chuck Mulligan with the St. John's County Sheriff's Office said it's a similar pattern to the "Felony Lane Gang," or traveling thieves who break into cars from town to town.

"The Felony Lane Gang tactic is that they'll surveil the shopping malls where there are gyms, funeral parlors, daycare centers and also parks, any place where a female may walk away from her car for a short period of time and leave the purse behind," he said.

Cheal said the lights being out in the early morning doesn't help.

"It's pretty dark on that side."

The owner of Orange Theory said they've reached out to the property managers at Regency Centers to get the lights fixed, but they haven't gotten a response.

On Wednesday, December 5, crews began fixing the lights in the parking lot.

The sheriff's office recommends you take your wallet and your cell phone out of your car and make sure your doors are locked. They're still looking for the people responsible for Monday morning's break-ins.

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