A Jacksonville family is demanding answers after their loved one was shot and killed by a JSO officer.

It happened Saturday morning, after a family disturbance at a home on Avery Drive.

Jacquline Weaver says she called JSO to get some help - she says her son, 52-year-old Harold Kraai, had a mental illness and was having an episode. She says she never imagined the call would lead to his death.

"When you call for help, it means, 'I'm gonna come over and kill your son, I'm gonna shoot him six times'," Weaver cried.

Weaver says all she has now are questions.

"Why couldn't they have shot him in the leg, why couldn't they have tased him, why couldn't they have called out the SWAT team," Weaver wondered.

Weaver says her son is mentally ill and battles schizophrenia. She tells us when he was seven, a drunk driver hit the car he was in as he was on the way to a family reunion. She says he has suffered with the brain damage ever since.

"Fifty-two [years-old] but has the mind, they said, of a 12-year-old," Weaver explained.

That morning she says Kraai had a fit because she told him he'd have to make his own breakfast. She had to go to work. She says he is used to her making him a big breakfast, and any changes in his schedule has the potential to throw him off.

"He just busted the back glass out of my car, so I knew then that we were going to need to get him some treatment," Weaver said.

That's when Weaver says she called JSO, like she's done several times before.

"I just wanted someone to help me get him to the hospital," Weaver said. "Harold was a big guy, 315 lbs, 6 foot 4. I couldn't handle him."

Weaver says she left the house to go get her other son for extra assistance.

In a media briefing after the incident Saturday, JSO chief investigator Chris Butler said, "the individual himself calls the police and tells the 9-1-1 operator something to the effect of, he is 'ready for the police and no longer wants to live'."

Weaver says when she and her other son got back to her house, her home was covered in crime scene tape.

"I saw my son laying on the ground," Weaver said. "I kept asking them, 'did you shoot my son?' They wouldn't tell me."

Butler says when JSO got to the home, Kraai was sitting on the porch with a large kitchen knife and started walking towards one of two officers.

"The officer tells [Kraai] repeatedly to drop the knife and stop advancing on him," Butler said.

Butler says Kraai kept coming.

"[Kraai] has what I would describe as a '1000 yard stare' at the officer, just looking straight at him, not obeying any type of commands," Butler said. "At that point the officer made the decision at that time to use deadly force."

"There's a bullet hole in my door," Weaver said. "There's blood on my door. What happened here?"

Weaver says she won't stop until she finds out.

"I want justice for Harold, and I want answers," she said.

JSO says they plan to hold another press conference on Sunday with more details on what happened. We will bring you those updates as we get them.

This is the first fatal police shooting in Jacksonville this year.