In an email sent to parents, Mandarin High School received a possible shooting threat on Friday, making it the second threat the school received in two days.

On Thursday, the school received a bomb threat, causing the students to remain in the football stands for hours while police investigated and searched the school.

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Friday's email was a transcription of a phone call made to parents by the school's principal, John Kniseley.

The email said a text exchange was made from a student, which suggested a possible shooting at the school. A student came forward to authorities with this information.

The school is now investigating the threat. The source of the threat hasn't been identified or located as of 6:23 a.m., according to the email.

The school will resume classes, but metal detector wands will be used on students entering the school. There are no plans at this time to evacuate the building.

At this time, no other information was released.

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