A Jacksonville woman has been arrested after she allegedly kidnaped a blind woman with a firearm and forced her into sexual acts with men for money.

Angel Williams, 22, has been arrested and charged with kidnapping with a firearm, coerce commercial sexual activity of an adult for human trafficking, sexual battery, false imprisonment, lewd or lascivious molestation of an elderly person or disabled adult and tampering with a witness, victim, or informant.

The victim is listed in the police report as legally blind.

The victim posted on Facebook asking for employment and Williams responded with fake opportunity to babysit her children. The victim said in the police report that she and Williams briefly went to the same high school so she was somewhat familiar with her.

When the victim showed up to Williams' house on Aug. 9, the children were not there and when she attempted to leave she was blocked, according to the report, by a man named "Ricky" who police identify as Ricardo Guillen, 27.

The victim said that an unknown man held a knife to her throat and her hands were zip-tied. The report goes on to say that she was forcibly sexually battered by Guillen and the unknown man.

The report states that Williams was present during the commission of these crimes and the suspects were photographing the victim while talking about a website used for escort and prostitution advertisements.

The victim was taken home by a man identified by police as Antonio Williams, 44. The report states that Williams threatened violence against the victim and her family.

On Aug. 10, Angel Williams allegedly called the victim and threatened her not to make a police report about the crimes committed the day before.

On Aug. 11, the report states that Williams went to the victim's home and put the victim's hand in her purse. The victim stated that she felt a firearm. Williams said the victim was going to "work" for her.

Williams took the victim to the Sleep Inn & Suites where a man, identified as Daniel Davis, 46, bought a hotel room. The victim stated that her hands were once again zip-tied and Davis forcibly had sex with her against her will. She said she lost consciousness on several occasions and remembered Williams sitting on her chest while Davis allegedly forced her to drink alcohol.

The victim remembered pizza being ordered during the incident and police were able to confirm, through Domino's and surveillance video, that Davis picked up the pizza and the order was made under Williams' name with her phone number attached. Additionally, hotel staff members were able to identify both Davis and Williams in a photo line-up.

On Aug. 12, Williams took the victim to a Knights Inn where a man, identified by police as Ty Canaday, 49, purchased a room where he allegedly forced sexual intercourse with the victim. He paid Williams $160 for the forced intercourse.

Police were able to confirm that Canaday was the person who paid for the room where the crime allegedly occurred and Williams was listed as a second occupant of the room. Staff at the Knights Inn recall an altercation between the two and were able to pick them out in a photo line up.

Police were able to find an account on the website for escort and prostitution ads with photos of the victim and Williams' number. The clothing worn in the photos was the same clothes that the victim was wearing on Aug. 9.

A witness was able to provide police with a video that Williams sent to him that had both Williams and the victim in it and an unknown man in it committing sexual acts on the victim.

Williams was known by at least four aliases. She was arrested Aug. 25 when she went to obtain property from previously mentioned Guillen, who was already in jail. She is being held on a bond of over $2.3 million.