JACKSONVILLE,Fla.--- A father suspected something wasn't right when he noticed his teenager daughter was always on her phone. The father is sharing the importance of checking after he found nude pictures on his daughter's phone believed to be from a 59-year-old man. That man was a teacher at a Jacksonville church.

“She’s glued to her phone, so I knew something was going on," a local father said.

A concerned father who we’re not going to identify to protect the identity of his daughter checked his teenager’s phone.

“I was shocked,” he said.

Shocked to find nude photographs on her phone believed to be 59-year-old Robert Browning.

“It’s so disgusting, the whole situation,” said the concerned father.

The arrest warrant says text messages revealed conversations about the two face-timing while nude.

It also says the underage girl and Browning engaged in sexual acts inside Cedar Creek Baptist Church. It’s a church Browning worked at for six years, six days a week at a Bible school, according to the pastor.

He was also set to be the softball coach this season.

“We were very saddened and shocked about this incident," said Pastor John Montgomery.

Pastor John Montgomery terminated Browning following his arrest. The pastor says they’re adding more security cameras throughout school and restricting contact between teachers and students.

“We’re not going to allow a teacher to be with a student by themselves. If they are or if they do, they’ll be terminated on the spot," Montgomery said.

“I’ve never met him, and when I found out who this guy was, I was just disgusted, it’s a nightmare,” said the child's father.

A nightmare this father hopes no other parent has to live through.

“They need to know who their kids are with, they need to look at their phones. Everything is accessible on their phone and that’s how everybody is communicating with everybody,” he said.

Browning faces charges for lewd battery, lewd and lascivious molestation and transmission of material harmful to minors. Browning has hired an attorney, but declined to comment for this story.