In Thursday's court hearing for Kimberly Kessler, the suspect in the disappearance and death of missing Nassau County mother, Joleen Cummings, defense attorneys introduced a motion for a gag order.

Similar to past court dates, Kessler did not appear in court.

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In response to the defense's motion for a gag order, the State argued that it was too vague and narrowed the order down to Sheriff Bill Leeper with the Nassau County Sheriff's Office.

Kessler is the main suspect in Cummings' disappearance. The Nassau County mom went missing on Mother's Day.

Kessler was jailed days after her disappearance and remained in jail on grand theft charges after surveillance video showed Kessler dumping Cummings' car in a Home Depot parking lot. In September, the state attorney brought a murder charge against Kessler. Kessler has gone by a number of aliases and lived in a number of states and cities throughout her life and was arrested under the name Jennifer Sybert.

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In a press conference, Sheriff Bill Leeper said that though they had not found Cummings' body, she had left behind clues.

“Joleen did leave behind plenty of evidence to assist law enforcement in solving her murder," said Leeper. Though he could not go into detail about the nature of the evidence that had been found, he said he believed the citizens of Nassau County would be "shocked and surprised" by what occurred.

The defense will have to rewrite the motion and bring it to the next court date set on October 11.

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