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Curve in Context: Here's what Duval County's COVID-19 case curve looks like

Are COVID-19 cases in Florida and Georgia going down since reopening with Phase One? These three graphs tell the story of the coronavirus now.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Florida has reported 43,210 positive cases of COVID-19 and nearly 1,875 deaths.

In Georgia, the state reported 35,977 positive cases and 1,528 deaths.

New cases since Phase One reopening

Duval County, Florida:

Credit: WTLV
New cases in Duval County May 14, 2020

The above graph shows the number of new daily cases in Duval County from mid-March until today. The orange bars represent the last 14 days. The red bar indicates when the county implemented Phase One of reopening.

You can see the cases peaking during the first week of April. The curve then trends downward. The cases leveled off over the past two weeks, which is shown in orange.

Since Florida reopened on May 4, depicted by the red bar, you can see the curve starting to climb in the days following.


Credit: WTLV
New cases in Georgia since Phase One of reopening.

The above graph shows the new daily cases in Georgia since March 21 until today.

The 14-day moving average started its downward trend around the third week of april, right before Phase One reopening began, marked by the red bar. The daily new cases have leveled off over the past two weeks, as seen in orange.


Percent of positive cases

In Florida and Duval County:

Credit: WTLV
Health Department's goal is about 5 percent of positive cases.

When it comes to determining whether or not to return things to normal, leaders like Mayor Lenny Curry and Gov. Ron DeSantis are looking at the percentage of COVID-19 tests coming back positive.

Florida is represented by the dark green line. Duval County is represented by the orange line. Both lines are trending downward, overall, since late March.

Both percentages are also now below the Health Department's target of five percent, which is shown in the yellow "target range" line.

Phase One of reopening in Duval and Florida started on May 4, represented in red. Since then, Duval County is seeing a slight upward climb of positive cases.

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