The United States District Court has issued an order requiring former Corrine Brown chief of staff Ronnie Simmons to be confined to his home prior to his incarceration later this month for fraud and corruption, according to new court documents.

The court document signed by Judge Timothy Corrigan states Elias Ronnie Simmons must be in his residence at all times except for attorney visits, medical appointments, religious services, court appearances, and court-ordered obligations.

Simmons is also forbidden from having a firearm, destructive device or any other dangerous weapons, according to the court documents.

This development comes after a judge ordered a temporary peace order against Simmons. Records show that Simmons had a hearing on Friday in Anne Arundel County in Annapolis, Maryland.

Details regarding the peace order and who requested it have not been made available at this time.

Simmons is set to report to the Bureau of Prisons on Jan. 8, according to the new court documents, to begin serving his 4-year sentence following his May conviction on fraud and conspiracy charges. Following his sentence, he received permission to travel outside of Florida. It was not immediately clear if the issuance of the peace order would affect his status.

Simmons' next court appearance for the most recent peace order is Jan. 3.

A peace order pertains to many kinds of abuse and a protective order is more specific and offers more protections. In order to obtain a peace order, the complainant must show that some form of abuse occurred and is likely to occur again.