The State of Florida announced Tuesday that it is investigating Riverside Chevrolet, a local car dealership on Philips Highway, following an alert issued by the Better Business Bureau.

The alert comes after 26 complaints and counting in twelve months dealing with financing issues, problems adhering to contractual agreements, refund fails and difficulty obtaining proper registration on used vehicles due to outstanding liens.

Of those complaints, the BBB found 15 allege that Riverside Chevrolet did not pay off trade-in vehicles which affected the credit of those who traded in the vehicles.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles told First Coast News that it is investigating the dealership.

In a statement, it said "the allegations that have been reported are very serious and the department is committed to doing all that it can to help any negatively impacted customers."

It also advised that if other customers following Monday's report have complaints, they can submit them here.

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