JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Diners at an Arlington pizza place have been voicing complaints about being overcharged one hundred plus dollars for a slice.

In March, First Coast News initially reported on two dozen complaints about Celino's Pizza on Cesery Boulevard. Customers were seeing an upcharge of exactly $100 extra being pulled from their bank accounts despite accurate lower amounts on their receipt.

On Your Side: $100 overcharge at Arlington restaurant frustrates customers

After FCN's initial report, the complaints stopped. Around September 18, several customers began complaining again of charges between $200 and $360 being snatched from their bank account.

Arlington resident Lake Ray, IV caught the mistake in March when he was charged $120 for a $20 meal. He said he initially wanted to accept Celino's owner Elvan Kocak's explanation that the credit card merchant was to blame.

"At first I could potentially believe that. At this point, I don't," Ray said. "It's frustrating, it really is. It's about taking care of those people who can't afford to lose $100."

In March, Kocak told First Coast News he would change credit card merchants to fix the problem and offered a refund to any complaining customers. In a telephone conversation in September, Kocak could not provide an explanation of why similar overcharges were happening again. He said he believes his systems may have been hacked.

Kocak also said Celino's Pizza would only accept cash while JSO's Economic Crimes unit investigates the incidents. However, on Friday, Ray said the restaurant accepted his credit card as payment for two pizzas.

On Tuesday, First Coast News requested a status on the filed incident reports related to Celino's and is waiting on a response.