The Florida Department of Revenue claims it is unsure of why a Jacksonville man was served with child support papers for a child he did not father.

John Fitzgerald Jones spent weeks since early January asking the local child support office to fix the mix up in their system that sent police to his door about a child born in 2003.

First Coast News found the address on the original paperwork pointed to another man with the same name. On February 2, the mother of the child in question confirmed to First Coast News authorities had served the wrong man.

Original story: Man demands statement from child support office after mistaken identity

According to a February 6 letter, Jones provided to First Coast News, the Department of Revenue's region manager said the child support program did not request the papers be served at Jones' address and their computer database does not contain his information.

"The department will, however, conduct further research as to determine the events that preceded the incorrect delivery to [Jones'] address to help ensure the proper actions are taken in the future," the letter reads.

Jones said despite the initial order from August demanding payment for back child support, he suffered no financial loss as a result of the error.