JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A local woman is livid after her insurance company paid a claim to get her roof repaired, but five months later, it's still in the same damaged condition.

"I handed the check over to them at the end of September," Amy Myers said. "Since then, I have had one excuse after the other."

Last July, a storm damaged the roof of her Orange Park home. Myers hired RMX Construction to repair the roof.

In August, a contract was signed. Late September the insurance company issued a check for $10,000 and it was signed and handed over to RMX.

Myers said she was not given a start date.

"They said it would be going into permitting and it usually takes a couple of weeks for that," she said. "Once they get the permit back they would then give me a start date and that's when I stopped hearing from then or they had excuse after excuse."

RMX is a state registered company.

The roofing license used for qualifying is current. There are nine reviews filed with the Better Business Bureau: six positive and three negative. The BBB rates the company a C+.

"We agreed on a new work plan and since November 17th," she said, "I still haven't gotten any results."

The company's business address is in a Deerwood Park office building. It is a virtual office where they receive their mail. On Your Side reached out to the company and spoke withTimm Delapaz.

"... we had a problem with $2700 in recoverable depreciation," Delapaz said,"She could not afford it but it was resolved. I thought we had built the roof. It is being built this Saturday."

He said after Irma, it was hard to find roofers, the industry was very busy.

Myers said he did not respond to her repeated calls until she told him that she had contacted the On Your Side team.

"As he got an email that I had reached out to you I got a call in a couple of hours, and he's, like 'Oh I didn't know we didn't get the job done,'" Myers said.

Whether his explanation is another excuse or it is valid, Myers has been reassured that her roof will be repaired this weekend.

"I just want my roof fixed for the agreement we have in place and I want to move on with my life," she said.

Three things to do before hiring a roofer:

If there's a problem, give the roofer a chance to correct before filing a complaint with the department of business and professional regulation.