JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The war in Afghanistan has become America's longest war, and for those who served in it, it never goes away.

"My wife's life is in danger because I served for the Army," said Afghan national Mohammed Rafi.

For four years Rafi was in the middle of the conflict. He said his duty was to be a translator for the U.S. Armed Forces; Marines, Army and Special Forces.

"I been in the war," he said. "I've been on patrol all the time."

In 2013, Rafi was given a Special Immigration Visa for his service and relocated to Jacksonville.

He works as a medical tech.

"I came to the United States December 2013," he said. "I work, I have a home, I don't have my wife."

Rafi said he was engaged to his fiancee, but unable to meet the legal and financial demands of his Afghan culture, he left her behind until 2015.

"I went back to Afghanistan May 2015 and I did the wedding ceremony," he said.

Since then, he said it has been a fight to get his wife immigrated to the United States.

Rafi said he is being told by Embassy officials because they were not officially married when he left in 2013, her application for a Special Immigration Visa, like what he was given, was denied.

"It is really hard for her," he said. "She is not safe because of my work with the U.S. Forces."

He filed a petition with the U.S. Citizens and Immigration Service, an I-130, and on March 4, it was denied.

"I fell the U.S. Government has let me down, yes sir," Rafi said.

It has been a three-year fight; one he is not ready to give up and as much as he wants to be with his wife, he said he cannot return to Afghanistan.

"I can't go back home because I have been targeted by the insurgents," he said.

He is crying out to the system for help.

"For the time I've been loyal, please help me out with this issue, please listen to my heart, please review my case," he said.

On Your Side contacted USCI and a spokesperson said they will review his case. They requested specific information and we provided that information.

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