Lawmakers across the country are standing up for travelers planning to fly this holiday season, especially when it comes to baggage fees.

"It drives consumers crazy that the price they see online and buy the ticket for is not the price they pay," said Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York.

Days ago, the Department of Transportation canceled proposed rules that would have required all airlines disclose baggage fees upfront when shopping for tickets.

Though third-party websites like Kayak or Orbitz might help when it comes to comparing prices, baggage fees may not be disclosed, which can make a cheap flight suddenly become expensive.

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson criticized DOT's decision to make these fees more accessible and convenient for shoppers.

"All of those holiday travelers on airlines, they put a big lump of coal in their Christmas stocking," he said. "... It should not be any skin off the airline's back just to show what the fees are upfront."

Even so, the DOT said in a statement these rules were withdrawn because they are "of limited public benefit."

The DOT prohibits an airline from changing your baggage fee once you've paid for it in advanced, however there's no requirement on when the fee has to be disclosed.

First Coast News has reached out to several airlines including Delta, Southwest, Jet Blue and Spirit. Those that responded say their baggage fees will continue to be posted on their websites.

As a result, travelers should compare and add airline baggage fees when shopping for tickets online in order to get a rough estimate of what you're expected to pay. Keep in mind those fees can fluctuate over time.

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Below is a list of websites that compare baggage fees side-by-side: