JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Did you know? If the post office should lose your insured mail, COD item or priority mail express package you can file a claim. But when your mail is uninsured and it comes up missing or delayed, you have to request a lost mail search.

"I blame the post office," said Mark Hribar.

Hribar's mail is delivered directly inside his front door; when it is delivered. But there's one item that was never delivered: his wife's Green Card.

For more than a year, he has been trying to locate it. The document was sent from the Citizenship Immigration Service via U.S. Mail to his home, but he said he never received it.

"They're the root cause of the situation because they lost it," he said.

His wife, Lori, is a native of the Philippines. The uncertainty has taken its toll.

"It has caused emotional strife," said Hribar.

He said they have an extension on her current Visa.

"I did proactive work to be sure that she is not taken out of the country," he said.

November 2015, after his wife's Green Card was never delivered, the postal service investigated. It determined the tracking number shows it was delivered, but its GPS shows it was not delivered to his address.

So where is it?

"I have no Idea where the card is they cannot produce the card," said Hribar. "The USCIS is concerned about the card being out there."

The couple has since made a second application for a new Green Card, paying the $600 fee again. But after trying to get help from his congressman, Hribar said he is ready to make an appeal with President Donald Trump.

"That's the next step in line," he said.

He's afraid that the Green Card could be in the wrong hands. His second Green Card application is going through the process, but he wonders if and when it is ready, will it be delivered?

"I want my wife and I to be settled and satisfied. I have been through this too much," he said

A spokesperson for the post office said they are reviewing what may have happened and looking for a resolution.