JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Five months ago, Latoya Whitfield moved into Eagle Pointe Apartments in Arlington. Since then, she said the appliances do not work properly and the unit has water leaks.

"When it rains all this area of the window leaks," she said.

She said there are leaks in the bedroom, bathroom and near the air conditioning system.

"When the A/C is on, this whole room is flooded," she said.

Now, those water leaks have turned into mold and she is concerned about the potential impact on her child's health.

"My son has asthma," she said. "I am concerned about him."

Whitfield, a single parent who works two jobs to pay the $850 a month rent, said the situation was made worse by Hurricane Irma.

"I brought this to the attention of the management and they have not done anything," she said.

Johanne Brouard is the COO of Eagle Pointe Apartments.

"Until now, I had not heard of the issues in this unit," Brouard told First Coast News.

First Coast News' On Your Side team, along with Whitfield, showed Brouard the problems Thursday.

"Normally, what happens is when I have apartment issues if it is not livable we move our tenants," she said.

She said it is clear to her that Hurricane Irma contributed to the issues.

"This happened during the storms and we're trying to address all of them, we have three roofing crews out here," Brouard said.

Brouard said since the storm, they've replaced 17 roofs, but have yet to get to fix Whitfield's building. The landlord will to fix the issues, but she said there's another problem: Whitfield is behind on her rent.

"Let's fix this, this needs to be fixed," she said. "You don't want an eviction on your record."

Whitfield was served with an eviction notice for non-payment of rent, but she said the record is wrong.

"Bring me those receipts, I will look at what's going on here and I gonna give you credit," Brouard said.

The two will meet on Monday. A resolution will stop the eviction process and allow the landlord to move her to a different apartment unit.

A check of complaints with the City's Call Center shows that since May 2017, six complaints were filed with the Municipal Code Enforcement Division about living conditions at the apartment complex.