Conjoined twin sisters Jesi and Remi Pitre spent months apart recovering from a successful surgery to separate the twins who were born attached at the abdomen. Monday, the twins finally reunited just in time for Christmas, according to UF Health officials.

Jesi and Remi were born May 15 joined in the shape of what their parents called a "beautiful heart," according to UF Health. The twins were separated two months later with Remi leaving the hospital Oct. 4. Jesi was left to recover without her sister until Monday when she was finally discharged after 203 days in UF Health Shands Children's Hospital.

"The best Christmas presents ever," said parent Andre Pitre.

The twins were born with a shared liver and a connected intestine before they were separated during what UF Health calls a "complex" and "rare" surgery on July 23.

“We’re so happy for the family to see the twins headed home, healthy and thriving, for what promises to be a very happy Christmas,” UF Health's David Nelson, M.D. said. “The commitment of Jesi and Remi’s health care team makes us all proud, from the tireless nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit to the physicians who constantly monitored the twins to countless other staff. A complicated case like this one is always a team effort.”

The twins' parents, Andre and Angi Pitre said the girls will always have two birthdays - the day they were born and July 23, the day of their separation.