The JSO 911 call center employees that answered frantic calls and dispatched officers during a deadly mass shooting got some help processing their emotions Wednesday when four dogs from Hope Animal-Assisted Crisis Response stopped by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office headquarters.

David Katz shot and killed Eli Clayton and Taylor Robertson before killing himself at a Madden ’19 gaming tournament Sunday at the Jacksonville Landing, JSO said. The shooting left 11 others in the hospital.

“You can hear the fear,” said Breanna Fuson, JSO receiving officer who answered 911 calls as the shooting unfolded. “I've never had to see anything like that, the call volume. Even the atmosphere changed after getting all those calls.”

On Wednesday, she was relieved to see the comfort dogs.

"It makes you feel happy,”’ Fuson said.

Kasper, a Labra-doodle, was immediately drawn to Brandi Keune, a dispatcher.

"It's just joy, happiness,” Keune said. “We need that."

Keune has been with the JSO for over a decade, and couldn’t remember another day as stressful or emotional as Sunday.

“This was a test,” Keune said.

A few minutes with Kasper however, gave her a chance to process those emotions.

“The stressors of what we deal with -- gone,” Keune said.

After visiting the 911 call center the dogs did the same at Jacksonville Fire and Rescue.