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Clothes found while searching for Jacksonville father who has been missing for over six weeks

Members of the search party confirmed to First Coast News that clothes had been found. The search party was asked to clear the woods while police investigate.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The search for John McNamee continued on Saturday as law enforcement and family comb through the woods near the Quality Inn on Airport Road. The father of two has been missing for over six weeks. 

McNamee was born in Ireland but has lived in Jacksonville for 13 years. Some of his family traveled from Ireland to join the search. Members of the search party confirmed to First Coast News that clothes had been found on Saturday afternoon. Following that discovery, most of the search party was asked to leave the woods while police searched the area. 

McNamee was last seen at the Quality Inn. His truck has been sitting behind the hotel since May 26, according to police. He is not a registered guest at the hotel or any in the surrounding area. 

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McNamee and his wife, Jennifer, were going through a divorce at the time of his disappearance. He had also lost his job. She initially believed he was hiding to avoid receiving an injunction. This lead her to file two reports with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. Jennifer told police she had not heard from her husband in several days and she knew he had left his truck behind. 

“None of it makes sense," Jennifer McNamee said. "How does someone just disappear without a trace, you know?"

McNamee's wife said he did not seem suicidal and did not own any weapons.

Jennifer and John McNamee have two daughters together. 

"I just don’t know if he was just going through a mental breakdown, or what was happening but he lived for those two girls and he’s never been away from them this long. You know they miss their daddy. It’s almost been three weeks now," Jennifer McNamee said. 

First Coast News has reached out to JSO for updates on the search and is waiting to hear back. Police are expected to hold a briefing discussing updates from the search. 

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