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Clay County Supervisor of Elections warns voters of misleading mail

He said the organizations are non-governmental agencies; they are not affiliated.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Clay County Supervisor of Elections is putting the county's 155, 000 registered voters on notice about some misleading mail ready to hit their mailboxes.

“The mailing is coming two organizations, the Voter Participation Center and the Center for Voter Information,” Supervisor of Elections Chris Chambless said.

He said the organizations are non-governmental agencies; they are not affiliated. He said while the agencies have good intentions, his experience is that they do more harm than good.

“This adds fodder again to really erode the confidence of the election process,” he said.

Chambless said the information used is often inaccurate, creating problems.

“Individuals who might already be registered to vote are receiving this mailer that calls their registration into question,” he said.

He said voters are told: "You are not registered to vote," "Your address is incorrect," or "Your voter information needs to be updated."

“It is misleading," he said. "It is damaging to the process.” 

This is not the first encounter. Chambless said his office has received hundreds of complaints from past letters.

“Hundreds of calls we have taken from citizens for such items as a 'received letter but registered to vote,'” Chambless said, “or a letter that reads 'your husband is deceased.'”

Why the warning now? Chambless said he just received notice the agencies are sending out more mailers. What do you do? He said verify before you trust.

Click here to check on your registration.

Chambless said if you receive one of those suspicious mailers, before you do anything, pick up the phone and call them. Voters are encouraged to visit ClayElections.gov or they can contact the companies and ask to have their names removed from their mailing lists.

The following numbers are available to call:

Voter Participation Center


Center for Voter Information


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