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'It's very chilling:' Widow, brother of Jared Bridegan talk about new information in the case

The Microsoft executive and father of four was shot to death nearly a year ago in Jacksonville Beach. This week, an arrest was made in his murder.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The widow and brother of a St. Johns County man who was shot dead in Jacksonville Beach are talking about new information in the case.  

"The best way I can describe it is it's like riding a rollercoaster every single day," Adam Bridegan said. 

An emotional rollercoaster for the Bridegan family as they push for answers and seek justice in Jared Bridegan's death.  Adam is Jared's older brother. 

"It feels like a life sentence of a burden that you don't know what's next," Bridegan added. 

The Microsoft executive and father of four was shot to death nearly a year ago. Bridegan got out of his SUV to remove a tire from the road near the Sanctuary neighborhood. Investigators say they now know that the tire was placed in the road on purpose. 

His two-year-old daughter was still strapped into her car seat. 

"Since day one, I've wanted answers. Not only for myself, for Jared, for our family. But, especially for his kids," Kirsten Bridegan explained. 

On Wednesday, the Jacksonville Beach Police Department announced the arrest of a man named Henry Tenon in connection to the case. He was arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, accessory after the fact, child abuse and second-degree murder.

Jared's widow, Kirsten, says she's thankful for a break in the case, but she has more questions. 

"Who was this person? How did you find this person? What's the connection? I want to know everything. I want to know everything about him.  I want to know everything about how we got here," Kirsten said.   

State Attorney Melissa Nelson says the conspiracy to commit murder charge is related to the fact that this was a planned crime and Jared was targeted. 

"It's very chilling because we don't know how large that conspiracy is," Adam added.

A strange connection in this case is that Henry Tennon rented a property from Mario Fernandez, husband of Shanna Gardner Fernandez. She is Bridegan's ex-wife with whom he had two children.  

It's important to mention that she has not been charged in his death. 

"I was not surprised that there was a connection. It's tragic. My immediate thought is for Liam and Abigail and what they're going through right now because what that could implicate.  But I was not surprised with that connection being made," Kirsten said.

As investigators work to solve the murder of the beloved father and husband, his family continues to do the same. 

"We have been on it since day one and we're going to stay on it until this is complete," Kirsten said. 

Some good has come out of this tragedy. 

Kirsten is providing "Bexley Boxes" to police stations to better equip them for interacting with traumatized children. Bexley is the name of her now three-year-old daughter who was in the car at the time of Jared's death. So far, seven have been delivered.  

Kirsten hopes to have 16 boxes delivered by Feb. 16; the day Jared was murdered.  

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