A Jacksonville man who survived stage four brain cancer has found a career helping encourage the same people who saved his life.

First Coast News first interviewed Travis Martin in December, 2017, shortly after he finished treatment for central nervous system lymphoma at Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville. When Martin first arrived at the hospital he was in a coma and clinging to life.

Throughout his treatment, Martin maintained a positive attitude and danced his way through cancer.

“Finding out the diagnosis, which was stage four brain cancer, is never a good thing, but I couldn’t imagine being where I’m at today,” Martin said from the courtyard at the new Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Martin is back at Baptist not as a patient, but as a client experience manager with the company, Wambi. Wambi provides a platform for patients to write notes of gratitude and thanks to nurses, doctors or any other caregiver.

“It provides you an opportunity to just give thanks and gratitude for everything they do for you,” Martin said. “And it’s all from the voice of the patient, so it’s a very unique system out there.”

Baptist Health recently began a pilot with Wambi. A hospital representative said they look forward to seeing the results in the spring.

“If your manager tells you 'good job' and gives you a high-five, it’s okay,” Martin said. “But when you hear the raw, authentic words from somebody just spilling their heart out to you just saying thank you, I feel like that means a lot.”

Before his cancer diagnosis, Martin was unsure what career path to take. The treatment he received at Baptist inspired him to pursue a career in healthcare. Martin, an Army veteran, applied through the GI bill to go to school for nursing, but the day after he was approved he got a call from Wambi.

When Martin was fighting for his life, he didn’t have a platform like Wambi to thank his care staff. But he can thank them now.

“I wouldn’t be here today without you,” he said. “So I just want to say thank you, it means the world to me that I’m able to stand here today and just tell you that I love you and I appreciate everything you did for me.”