Is it illegal to text and drive in Florida?


Is it illegal to be holding your phone?


The difference lies in what's considered a 'secondary offense.'

Texting while driving is illegal in Florida, but it is a secondary law, meaning that you cannot be pulled over if an officer thinks you're texting. You can, however, be pulled over for speeding or swerving and also written a ticket for texting.

Cell phones are said to be a distraction and you will be written a ticket if you break a road rule while using your phone, but that ticket will be for reckless driving, distracted driving, etc.

However, Georgia just passed a law that makes it illegal to hold your phone while driving and you can be written a ticket for that and you could also get points on your license.

Will Florida enact a law like this? Possibly. Similar laws have been through different steps of legislation but it never seems to stick.